Refrigeration units

Envirochill have a range of packages to suit most commercial and light industrial situations, and have developed a solid reputation, especially in the Post Harvest and food industries. Custom design units are available to fulfill your needs
Envirochill are largely unique in that we design, build, install and maintain refrigeration systems, eliminating the need for additional contractors and consultants. 24 hour, 7 day service nationwide is available, together with a phone help desk.
All manufactured units are optimized to be as energy efficient as possible. Substantial savings can be made by Envirochill customers, because we thoroughly understand each unit we design and build, keeping your maintenance costs to a minimum.

Envirocool Refrigeration Rack Systems

Designed and manufactured in house from 1 to 8 compressors, Refrigeration duty of 10 to 300 Kilowatts, complete with the options of variable speed drives, environmentally friendly refrigerants, and secondary refrigerants such as Glycol and chilled water.

Bulk Bin Produce Pre cooling.

Envirochill manufactures and installs Precool systems for removing the field heat from Post Harvest products such as potatoes, kiwifruit, carrots etc. They are used in such situations where the produce is picked from the fields, stored in bins and stacked in front of the Precooler. Air is then dragged through the product to remove heat. The clients will benefit from removing the field heat quickly but also maintaining high humidity levels to preserve product weight.

Hydro Coolers.

Envirochill supply and install these systems according to the clients needs. These systems are used for removing field heat from fruit and vegetables quickly. Produce is loaded onto a conveyer and moves through a water spray tunnel. Produce exits the Hydro Cooler with field heat removed, ready to be packed or stored in bulk bins.

Long Term Storage.

Envirochill specializes in long term storage for Post Harvest fruits and vegetables, such as kiwifruit, potatoes and carrots, We manufacture and install these units using Envirochills’ Envirochill Technology, energy efficient and guaranteed to keep the product in top condition. These units are designed for long or short term produce storage, ensuring accurate humidity and temperature control.

Cool Stores.

Envirochill can supply and install cool or freezer rooms to any dimension. Constructed from polystyrene, or polyurethane sandwich panel are also available on request, Envirochill offer a full range of door systems for our rooms including sliding, vertical lift, and motorized options.

Blast Freezers.

High capacity blast freezing enables products to be frozen within a short period of time.

Temperature Monitoring.

Envirochill supplies and installs Temperature Monitoring systems with the ability to monitor 1 to 100 temperature probes. These systems are useful when a product has to maintain a critical temperature, and temperature recording is required for auditing purposes on MAF inspections. Our units hold information for 24 months and can be downloaded to a hard disk storage device. Alarm and auto dialer function can also be incorporated into the temperature monitoring systems to automatically call the client in case of temperature alarm.