Post Harvest Cooling

Envirochill Post Harvest Cooling Systems have been developed by Envirochill Refrigeration specifically for the cooling and storage of post harvest product.  The Envirochill System is a user friendly and energy efficent way of ensuring the product being cooled is kept at its optimum condition and as fresh as possible.


Common Uses for Envirochill

  • Potato cooling/storage

  • Carrot cooling/storage

  • Onion cooling/drying/storage
  • Apple storage
  • Greens precooling and storage

Envirochill will cool and store any post harvest product.  Temperatures are adjustable by Electronic control and depending on the application.  Envirochill can be used for room temperature from + 15 degrees Celcius to -5 degrees celcius, adjustable humidity control from 70% RH to 95% RH.

All Envirochill Systems are equiped with variable speed drives for compressors, condensers and evaporator fans allowing close control of temperature and air flow, and also saving energy by built in power factor correction and reducing system capacity if not required.