Envirochill Refrigeration Systems are specifically designed and manufactured by Envirochill to be energy efficient and environmentally friendly. This is achieved by the following

  • Variable speed drive technology
  • Electronic superheat control
  • Energy efficient electric motors
  • Reduced refrigerant charge
  • High humidity
  • Pre cooling function
  • Long term storage

The Envirochill Air Handler can be installed inside the cool room or outside in a custom made EPS panel pod allowing more storage space in the room.

Depending on the application, the Envirochill Air Handler can be manufactured for high or low humidity. Temperatures ranging from 20 to -5 degrees Celsius, variable speed drives are used on the fans to control air flow so the Envirochill Air Handler can be used as a forced air pre cooler or for long term storage.

The Envirochill Air Handler is manufactured from top quality components. All steel frames are hot dip galvanised and all panel work is powder coated, coils are manufactured from refrigeration grade copper and all fixings are stainless steel.


The outdoor Envirochill compressor system can have 1 to 6 compressors depending on the application, and has a capacity range from 20 to 300 kilowatts. The Envirochill compressor system utilizes electronic speed drive technology for controlling compressor duty and condenser fans, this guarantees smoother refrigeration control therefore less power consumption. The outdoor Envirochill System is constructed with a hot dip galvanised steel frame, powder coated panels and stainless steel fixings. The components are all of the highest quality and a 12-month unconditional warranty comes with all our Envirochill Systems.

Envirochill will manufacture, supply and install the Envirochill System for any application and in any location nationwide.  International enquiries are also welcome.

Envirochill Refrigeration Systems for cooling all Post Harvest produce.